Steve, my goodness. I enjoy looking at some of these pictures so much. How about the black-and-white flower that must have a yellow "center?" OK, I need to go away now and will return to give you more compliments!
Sheryl Misenhimer(non-registered)
We met at Phoenix Airport. I am overwhelmed with the beauty of your pictures. May God continue to bless you and give you grace in all you do and may your photography be used as a blessing to Him and all who see it.
Lisa Anderson(non-registered)
amazing photographs,,,,what a talent you have..
Nel Rommes(non-registered)
Steve - I LOVE all your photos. You are very talented...
Nel Rommes(non-registered)
Beautiful Photos...
From a Door County fan ... now also a Steve Brandt fan.
Going back for our 9th visit this fall...
God Bless.
Love this photo! This is why we live here! Thanks for documenting what is amazing in DC.
Always amazed by the photography skillls!
Don't know that i have said this often enough but you are so incredibly gifted with photography! It blesses me to see the patience and time you put into each photo until you come out with this perfect masterpiece that only you can create!
be encouraged that This is exactly how God sees you...Slowly with His gentle touch, patience and time He is creating you to be the man that only He can create you to be! And you are indeed His marvelous masterpiece!!! hope that encouraged you!
- a fair lady-
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